Swindon Bird Droppings Removal

Based near Swindon, CICS offers Swindon businesses and homeowners an efficient and safe bird-dropping cleanup and removal service. We are biohazard cleaning experts that can totally remove acidic bird droppings using non-abrasive, safe procedures.

Our Services Provide:

Guano Cleaning and Infection Control

Bird Guano Sanitisation in Swindon

Not only is bird guano unpleasant to the senses, but it may also be harmful to people, animals, and the environment. Hantavirus and psittacosis are only two of the illnesses carried by bird excrement and transmitted by direct contact with the virus. Bird poop can also have a hugely damaging effect. For instance, the restoration of Swindon Coate Water Park’s famed diving board, which was coated in bird poo, cost thousands of pounds (according to sources £150,000). 

CICS provides a safe and efficient bird dropping removal service. We are skilled biohazard cleaners that can completely remove acidic bird droppings using safe, non-abrasive procedures.

Our expert professionals use strong, industry-leading technology to clean stone structures, buildings, balconies, equipment, and ventilation systems, and give an incredible service that can remove bird droppings, making your workplace 100% clean and safe. As part of our normal cleaning service, we provide thorough ISO 14001 and GBAC-qualified disinfection and decontamination to help prevent the spread of sickness. In Swindon, we assist a wide range of clients, but popular tasks include:

  • Swindon Businesses
  • Local government 
  • Factories in Swindon
  • Educational facilities 
  • Public transport 
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Why Is it Crucial to Clean Up Bird Droppings?

Bird droppings are more than just an annoyance. If they are allowed to collect or are left untreated, they pose major health, environmental, legal, and economic difficulties. These include:

  1. A Risk to Public Health – Bird droppings include hazardous microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites, which pose a particular risk to susceptible persons.
  2. Building erosion and degradation – it’s not just humans that bird droppings affect, they are also bad for buildings. Guano is acidic which means that over time it eats away at and permanently taints surfaces. Buildings made of limestone are particularly vulnerable.
  3. Slip Hazards – pigeon poop and bird guano create hazardous walking surfaces making companies and local governments liable for damages and injuries.
  4. Blocked Drains, gutters and flooding – bird droppings and nesting material block gutters and drain downpipes and can cause flooding within buildings.
  5. Reputational damage – bird droppings are unsightly. If you find them unpleasant to look at you can be sure that customers feel the same way. If you’re a front-facing company, having droppings removed is essential for the upkeep of your premises.

Pigeon and Bird Control

Feral pigeons have become a serious nuisance in cities and on private property due to their dependency on people. Pigeons in the wild are capable of reproducing at any time of year. Pathogens such as Lyme disease and Salmonella have been spread to people by wild pigeons. Other bugs dwell in their faeces and nests (fungus beetles, pigeon fleas, and spider beetles to name a few).

Hunting (with weapons, traps, or a bird net) and the planting of spikes are two methods for bird control.

There are several strategies for bird control such as hunting (with firearms, traps, or a bird net) and the placement of spikes.

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