Bristol Commercial Cleaning Services

Bristol’s leading commercial cleaning company. From the cleaning and disinfecting offices to commercial kitchen cleaning and waste removal. Whatever your commercial cleaning needs we’re here to help improve the cleanliness and safety of your site for the well-being of your staff.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Bristol-based CICS Ltd. is one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in the United Kingdom. With the assurance of superior service, we cater to an expanding customer base. Our cleaning services range from public sector cleaning of schools, NHS hospitals, and nursing homes to commercial cleaning of offices, pubs, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and refrigerators. We provide a variety of commercial cleaning services to small and large businesses in London and throughout the United Kingdom. These consist of:

QDC Qualifications

GBAC Star Biorisk Accreditation

If you're looking for high-level office window cleaning service in Bristol, we provide IRATA trained technicians who clean office windows at all heights and different types of buildings.

Outstanding office cleaning services. Our staff provide deep cleaning services for offices. They are also GBAC trained for bacteria and virus mitigation using ATP testing.

We use state of the art cleaning for office floors of all types. Our methods are safe, effective and long lasting.

Daily Office Cleaning

Bristol Office Cleaning and Disinfection

Each project is distinct and carries some degree of risk. Consequently, we will need to collaborate closely with our clients and fully comprehend their business, objectives, and safety procedures. We recognise the significance of getting things right the first time.

Our strategy is to collaborate with the site’s management while providing skilled labour and site supervision. Since our inception, no client has ever charged us extra for delays, damage, or any other reason. We earn the majority of our Bristol customers’ repeat business by completing projects safely, on time, within budget, and without incident.

Retail Cleaning in Bristol

CICS Ltd. is one of Bristol’s leading retail cleaning and commercial cleaning specialists. Our reliable team of cleaning technicians work across different types of retail premises including department stores, supermarkets, showrooms, pet stores, high street stores, hardware stores, food outlets, betting shops, barbers and various other outlets.  We also also work on the industrial side of the retail supply chain, cleaning food factories, breweries and warehouses. We are GBAC approved to provide for emergency covid cleaning and other preventative cleaning particles that offer you premises a high level of protection from germs, virus and bacteria. We also have ISO 9001, 18001 and 45001 accreditation providing outstanding quality assurance for our clients and making us a top cleaning provider and the one a number 1 choice for all cleaning needs

Escalator Cleaning
Staff cleaning weights

Cleaning Bristol Gyms

Keeping Bristol’s gyms clean and safe is one of our top priorities. At CICS our staff is GBAC Star trained with ISO 9001, 18001, and 45001 certifications. Using a combination of ULV fogging technology and ATP testing our cleaning technicians ensure that places are left not just visibility clean to a level that can be scientifically measured and tested.

We clean a whole range of facilities including the weights section, floors, pools, showers, toilets, and other adjacent gym facilities. If you’re interested in having your gym cleaned to the highest standards get a quote today. 

Why Choose Us?

We are fully compliant with ISSAGBAC, and ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 accreditation. We are also accredited members of the National Academy of Crime Scene cleaning (NACSC), and have several years of experience in cleaning contaminated commercial and public spaces. Our virus disinfection cleaning involves highly specialised techniques including ULV fogging technology and the use of ATP testing devices that are particularly suited to ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles. We also have a highly qualified bio-hazard decontamination team that specialise in the cleanup of bio-hazards on industrial sites.

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