Crime Scene Cleaning Services

CICS Ltd is the UK’s top crime scene cleaning and trauma cleaning company. Accredited by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) our technicians have a wealth of experience. They work closely with UK police forces on crime scene cleanups, offering a service that is fast, effective, professional, discrete, compassionate, and within the guidelines of GBAC and NACSC.

Crime Scene Cleanup

CICS Ltd. is proud to be one of the UK’s top crime scene cleaning companies. Our presence is nationwide with crime scene cleaning technicians and trauma cleaners who are fully trained and certified by the NACSC (National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners). Our team is experienced in providing a rapid, discreet, and comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of affected areas. Our expert cleaning technicians are on hand 24/7 to clean up after emergencies, including crime scenes, trauma scenes, and accidents. We work professionally and compassionately, particularly in instances where the situations are sensitive and involve loved-ones.

Crime scene cleanup (also know as forensic cleanup) involves the cleanup of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially dangerous biohazardous substances and objects that are directly harmful to detrimental to health. For those directly involved it’s important not to touch the affected area. Crime scene cleaners use PPE and special chemicals that disinfect and neutralise disease borne in bodily fluids, including viruses and infectious diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. It’s also important to note that crime scene cleaners only work on crime scenes following the completion of an investigation. Anyone reporting a crime scene should do so directly to the police.

Our Crime Scene Cleaning Services

For a rapid, efficient, and comprehensive disinfection after a traumatic incident, our package includes labour from a specialist NACSC (National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners) trained cleaning technician. We offer the following services.

Full Certification from the NACSC

Crime Scene Cleanups

Biohazard Cleaning

Suicide & Trauma Cleanups

Forensic Cleaning

Needle and Sharps Cleanup

Working to Accredited Standards

With many years of experience in cleaning, biohazard cleanups, and bioremediation we are the perfect business to partner with for ongoing work or for once of work. As members of the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), we are experts in responding to and managing bio-risk situations. The staff at CICS are trained not only in bio-redemption, but also in disease control and disinfection. We work carefully, for instance, in disinfecting areas that are a risk to COVID 19. That same careful methodology of ATP and swab testing is applied to our crime, police, emergency services, and trauma cleaning services.

Why Use CICS Ltd. ?

The forging of extensive experience and networking alliances with other companies (including Tascor and Kent Police), places CICS Ltd in a unique situation for dealing with crime and trauma scenes that involve health hazards and complex situations. Furthermore, we follow strict guidelines and legislation in the cleaning of crime and trauma scenes and fully certified with NACSC, GBAC, ISO, SSST, CSCS, PASMA, and IPAF qualifications. We also have IP5 & IP6 accreditation along with First Aid and DBS certification.

Due to the nature and type of hazardous bodily fluids that are present, and the potential risk this poses to human health, we aim to seek the most effective and safest methods of cleaning on all the sites we work on. Our team is fully kitted in protective PPE and they work thoroughly, professionally, and with integrity in oftentimes emotional and distressing situations.

Bodily Fluid Spill and Blood Cleanup

Serious health risks are associated with blood and bodily fluids, so it’s best to avoid contact with the affected area. Crime scene cleaning professionals work carefully with PPE to cleanup blood spills and other bodily fluids. Contrary to popular belief, crime scene cleaners do not remove bodies or set up forensic tents, caution tape, or other cautionary material, which is something dealt with by the police. As one of the UK’s learning crime scene cleaning companies, CICS works closely with police in cleaning prison cells, police vehicles, and other emergency vehicles such as ambulances. With many years of experience in trauma cleaning, cleanup after death, clean up after violent crimes, biohazardous substance cleanup, and sharps removal, we are expertly placed to assist you in decontaminating, disinfecting, and restoring the surrounding environments affected by crime and trauma.

Trauma Cleaning Services

Trauma scene cleanup is oftentimes a sensitive and personal circumstance where the remediation of a body can occur in a home, public area, or workplace. Trauma scene cleanups, like crime scene cleans, involve bodily fluids, blood, tissue, and other biological contaminants so it’s important not to touch the affected area without wearing the correct PPE. We highly advise the use of a professional crime scene or trauma scene cleaning company who specialises in these areas. When blood other bodily fluids make contact with surfaces they seep deep into the surfaces. At CICS we remove this trace biological material and residue from beyond the surface of where the incident took place. We using swabs and ATP testing to ensure that the affected area is clean and hygienic.

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