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Our gym cleaning professionals ensure that the equipment at your gym is clean and safe. Our commitment to quality in commercial gym cleaning means that you will mean you’ll always get the best standard of cleaning, every time we visit.

Gym Cleaning Services

Keeping Gyms Clean and Safe

Members of health clubs and gyms go to the gym with the intention of burning calories, relieving stress, and getting a terrific pump, but if the equipment isn’t being properly sanitised, they may experience more than just a wonderful workout. Gyms are the ideal breeding grounds for hazardous germs that may cause users to get unpleasant diseases and illnesses since hundreds of people contact free weights, dumbbells, and equipment every day. We can all agree that maintaining a fitness center’s cleanliness and sterility is crucial, and our cleaning staff can assist.

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Why Choose Us?

With the highest cleaning standards, CICS Commercial Cleaning offers specialised cleaning services that are second to none for gyms. We assist our clients in preventing illness, attracting new members, and increasing client happiness. Our goal is to provide each member with the finest exercise possible, the cleanest gym possible, and an additional measure of security.

We are fully compliant with ISSAGBAC, and ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 accreditation, and have numerous years of experience in cleaning contaminated commercial and public spaces. Our virus disinfection cleaning involves highly specialised techniques including ULV fogging technology and the use of ATP testing devices that are particularly suited to ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles. We also have a highly qualified bio-hazard decontamination team that specialise in the cleanup of bio-hazards on industrial sites.

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Gym Cleaning Protocol

5 Steps to Keeping Your Gym Clean, Sanitised and Safe

Our staff follows five guidelines while cleaning and sanitising gyms.

  1. Washing hands – staff washes hands before cleaning using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitiser. 
  2. PPC Protective Gear – Where necessary wear protective gear before cleaning
  3. Wiping Surfaces in the Same Direction – To avoid spreading germs and bacteria, wipe off surfaces in one direction rather than back and forth.
  4. Safe Chemicals – We apply safe chemicals in all our cleans that ensure that cleans are not just effective, but safe for visitors and your staff.
  5. Cleaning up Afterwards – After finishing we take care to throw away all materials used in cleaning and reuse any to avoid wastage. 
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Constant contact with machines and equipment leaves deep-set odours, germs and viruses that aren't easily removed without  deep cleaning.

Changing rooms

Lavatories, showers, and urinals need regular cleaning. Our team are ready to help.

FAQs for Gym Cleaning and Leisure Centre Cleaning

  • Gym equipment
  • Changing rooms
  • Amenities such as lavatories, showers, and urinals
  • Floors and walls
  • Cleaning of the pool and pool areas
  • Gym and Fitness, Equipment
  • Weights
  • Toilets
  • Windows
  • Glass barriers
  • Stainless steel barriers
  • Turnstiles
  • Water-cooler areas
  • Lockers
  • Gym carparks
  • Steam Rooms & Sauna,
  • Pool Surround
  • Jacuzzis & Whirlpools
  • Reception areas
  • Changing Rooms
  • Showers

A morning swim in the gym pool is the best way to start the day. Everyone knows that the summit of self-care is a soak in the sauna or hot tub after a strenuous exercise.

However, recent studies reveal that these warm, damp sections of your gym may be home to a plethora of bacteria that cause a wide variety of ailments.

According to studies commissioned by Blue Cube Direct, a retailer of pool and hot tub maintenance and supply products, improper cleaning and sanitation of these public spaces may foster the growth of germs that can lead to a variety of health problems.

As a matter of fact, there are so many potential ailments that they have their own category: recreational water illnesses (RWIs). Diarrhoea is the most frequent RWI, and it may be brought on by a variety of pathogens including Crypto (short for Cryptosporidium), Giardia, Shigella, Norovirus, and E. coli.

Parasites of the genus Cryptosporidium, which mostly cause diarrhoea. Illness, may survive for days even in well kept pools.

Besides the gastrointestinal infection diarrhoea, RWIs may also include skin, ear, respiratory, ocular, neurological, and wound infections.

  • Avoid ingesting pool water because of the risk of a recreational water intoxication, which is mostly due to unintentional or purposeful consumption.
  • It's a good idea to take a shower before and after you go swimming.
  • It is important to use soap and water after using the restroom or changing diapers.
  • Take young children out of pools for bathroom breaks.
  • Changing diapers should take place often and in a private restroom (not beside the pool)
  • If you have diarrhoea or are recuperating from it, you shouldn't swim since the illness may be passed on via pool water for weeks after the symptoms have subsided.
  • Keep your head out of the water as much as possible to prevent ear infections, which are more often related with swimmers' soaking their ears repeatedly and for extended periods of time than with any particular microorganisms found in the water.
  • Sitting on a dirty towel in a sauna isn't a good idea because of the risk of picking up germs.

Gym Cleaning Facts and Figures

Did you know that client satisfaction decreases significantly when gyms are left unclean by at least 50%?

The free weight area may contain up to 362 times as many germs as a public toilet seat, while treadmills typically have 74 times as many as a public sink tap. It’s worth encouraging gym visitors to disinfect the machines on their own by wiping them down with disinfected wet wipes before and after use. 

Multiple studies have demonstrated that the flooring, worktops, and workout equipment in gyms harbour significant numbers of germs (Markley et al., 2012; Mukherjee et al., 2014).

One study indicated that fitness tools were more likely to be infected with viruses than germs. In particular, weight equipment was shown to be dirtier than aerobic apparatus (Goldhammer et al., 2006). Multiple people touching the same pieces of gym equipment and surfaces increases the risk of the transmission of disease in a crowded gym.

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Boost Customer and Staff Morale

Try and give visitors more agency over the cleanliness of their training space by signposting this around your gym. Also try and ensure that your gym staff has easy access to cleaning materials by placing wet wipes in multiple, easily accessible spots around the facility.

A clean gym makes your customers happy and boosts employee morale. Research shows that “employees evaluate their own productivity lower at a higher level of particle counts in the ambient air” and where “more dirt and stain are found on the surface”. At CICS our staff are GBAC Star trained with ISO 9001, 18001 and 45001 certifications. Using a combination of ULV fogging technology and ATP testing our cleaning technicians ensure that places are left not just visibility clean to a level that can be scientifically measured and tested.

Create Safe and Healthy Gym

With increased protection against hazardous germs thanks to our expert gym cleaning services, you can be sure that your customers, personal trainers, and employees will be happy, comfortable, and safe.

This implies that your gym will develop over time with better exercises, happier clients, and pleasant user experiences.

In addition to making your workers feel safer, keeping your gym and locker rooms clean will also help your customers feel more at ease since they will know that the equipment has been well-cleaned before use. 

Clean surroundings have been shown to increase exercise motivation. This implies that without being exposed to filth, germs, and general dirt buildup, your clients are likely to have a better overall experience in a well-maintained gym facility.

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A Skilled Team of Gym Cleaning Specialists

With the knowledge that your area is always clean, hygienic, and secure thanks to CICS’s highly skilled crew, you are free to concentrate on other matters.

According to statistics, a spotless gym increases member satisfaction and retention rates. A clean facility is always appreciated by gym patrons and is one of the key features they want.

Sanitising surfaces, floors, and gym equipment on a regular basis greatly minimises the likelihood that your workers and members may get sick. Electrostatic spraying and routine thorough cleaning are also quite advantageous, particularly in the present environment.

Gyms and recreation centres may get extremely crowded during peak hours. Since we are aware of this, we may adjust our cleaning schedule to meet the demands of your company.

CICS Gym Cleaning

Gyms of all sizes and types may count on us for thorough, trustworthy, and safe cleaning services. Show your members, guests, and employees that you mean business.

At CICS  we know how crucial it is to maintain immaculate cleanliness across your whole gym (spa, fitness club, and recreational facilities). The club’s cleanliness should not be seen as something just for the benefit of the members. Our objective is to provide them with the satisfying experience they deserve.

Having gym employees on the cleaning rotation might be challenging on top of instructing demanding exercises all day. See what we can do for you with CICS Retail, Gyms & Leisure Sector Cleaning services for a clean, sanitary gym that gives your gym patrons a sense of security.

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Happier and Healthier Staff

We can assist you in clean your facility from top to bottom, including the bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. You may have cleaners come in whenever is most convenient for you—early in the morning, after work, or on the weekend—and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedule. In our experience, commercial customers often seek to transfer their gym cleaning service provider due to inconsistency or poor quality of service. Some customers wanted to outsource their cleaning to us because they were having trouble with recruiting, training, and high employee turnover when they were utilising internal workers.

Where we Operate

With a focus on big facilities needing thorough equipment cleaning, CICS Cleaning provides gym and leisure centre cleaning services throughout Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, and the surrounding regions.


We realise how essential this is to you and your gym members, which is why we’re motivated by the cleanliness and a desire to make your gym safe, sanitised, and pristine. Whether you need spotless locker rooms, spotless equipment, or everything in between, CICS are committed to providing the most comprehensive and expert clean possible.

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Steam Cleaning Gets Rid of Odours

People are always sweating at gyms and recreation centres, and body odour isn’t the most pleasant of scents. Some try to mask it with perfumes rather to get rid of the smell’s cause. The underlying sweat odour may be eliminated by giving all of your exercise equipment a thorough deep clean. This problem can be solved effectively by using a steam deep clean. It helpful once a month to have professional steam cleans of exercise balls, machine handles, benches, and even dumbbells.

Keeping the locker/changing rooms clean and organised
Quite evident. However, it serves as a helpful reminder that cleaning should be done at least once daily and, in more busy gyms and recreation centres, twice daily. Additionally, your clients will value clean, well-kept locker/changing rooms that are regularly checked for health and safety and tidiness throughout the day.

Flexible Gym Cleaning Hours

Here at CICS, we understand how important it is to keep your whole fitness centre (or spa, fitness centre, or entertainment centre) spotless. Maintaining a spotless club is not something that should be done just for the comfort of the club’s regulars. One of our main goals is to provide them the enjoyable time they should have.

We can help with every aspect of cleaning your building, from the windows to the toilets to the locker rooms. We will try our best to arrange cleaning services for you at a time that is most convenient for you, whether that be first thing in the morning, after work, or on the weekend.

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