Office Disinfection and Decontamination Services

We offer professional deep cleaning for a range of facilities using specialsed fogging technology that deactivates bacteria and viruses on contact. Fully kitted in PPE, our experienced bio-hazard technicians work to safely clean infected areas.

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Disinfecting and Decontaminating Offices

Disinfection and decontamination of offices is essential. Ensuring your office is safe during this COVID-19 crisis and preventing an outbreak will not only provide reassurance to staff, but also protect your business from financial risk and uncertainly. 

CICS Ltd. are experts in deep cleaning and antiviral decontamination. Using ULV and micro-spray technology, we sanitise office premises to safely remove COVID-19, along with viruses, bacteria, and fungi such as MRSA, Hepatitis, NORO virus, E-coli, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Candida Albicans. Our team of qualified technicians are fully trained experts and our business is accredited to the highest level.

“ have always gone out of their way to help our business. We have set them some incredibly challenging tasks and they have come up with the perfect solution time and time again”

Mark Harrison, BGE LTD

Not Just Visably Clean

Many normal cleaning products do not contain any form of biocide, relying on the physical removal of soils, as visible cleanliness is the main objective. Liquid Health does, so it also removes pathogens, protecting surfaces for hours and even days after a single application.

This will provide you, your staff, and visitors with the peace of mind that your care home is not just visibly clean, but micro-biologically clean, and therefore safe. Everyone can relax.

Liquid Health can handle any of your facilities; from kitchens to bathrooms, from meeting rooms to on-site gyms and other communal areas – whatever standard of cleanliness you need, we’ve got it covered.

Our Service Promise

Our service quality is built on years of experience and adherence to the highest safety standards. We are accredited by ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management. Our accreditations also include PASMA, NACSC, CITB, and IOSH.

All our work is backed up with the use of ATP monitors to show reduction and elimination of bacteria, along with Quat testing and UV light testing. We sanitise hard and soft surfaces.