Office Disinfection Service

Our ISSA accredited office disinfection services use internationally recognised ULV fogging technology that deactivates COVID 19 on contact. Fully kitted in PPE, our experienced bio-hazard technicians work to safely clean infected areas.

Disinfecting and Decontaminating Offices

Disinfection and decontamination of offices is essential. Ensuring your office is safe during this COVID-19 crisis and preventing future outbreaks will not only provide reassurance to staff, but also protect your business from financial risk and uncertainly. 

CICS Ltd. are experts in deep cleaning and antiviral decontamination. Using ULV and micro-spray technology, we sanitise office premises and safely remove COVID-19, along with viruses, bacteria, and fungi such as MRSA, Hepatitis, NORO virus, E-coli, Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Candida Albicans. Our team of qualified technicians are fully trained experts and our business is accredited to the highest level.

The number of germs per square inch on the average worktop
The average office desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat

Our Services Include:

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Our cleaning technicians are able to clean carpets below the reach of normal vacuum cleaners, removing marks and dust from below the surface

Floor Surfaces

Floor surfaces over time become ingrained with tough dirt. Our cleaning products help remove this sub-surface dirt and restore floor surfaces to a clean and hygienic state.


Drains and Gutters

Office washrooms should be cleaned frequently. We offer a full deep clean of washrooms ensuring that they feel clean to use and meet required health and safety standards.


Why Choose Us?

We are fully compliant with ISSAGBAC, and ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 accreditation. We are also accredited members of the National Academy of Crime Scene cleaning (NACSC), and have several years of experience in cleaning contaminated commercial and public spaces. Our virus disinfection cleaning involves highly specialised techniques including ULV fogging technology and the use of ATP testing devices that are particularly suited to ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles. We also have a highly qualified bio-hazard decontamination team that specialise in the cleanup of bio-hazards on industrial sites.

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What Makes Our Service Different?

Based in London, and operating across the UK, CICS Ltd. offers a range of office disinfection solutions.  Our service quality is built on years of experience and adherence to the highest safety standards. We are accredited by ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management. Our accreditations also include PASMA, NACSC, CITB, and IOSH.

The usual ‘bucket-and-mop’ cleaning products used by the majority of cleaning companies are less effective against COVID-19 because they doesn’t contain bio-cides. Our services are different. We use safe biocidal cleaning products and ULV fogging that removes pathogens, and protects surfaces for hours and even days after a single application. This will provide you, your staff, and visitors with the peace of mind that your office is not just visibly clean, but micro-biologically clean, and therefore safe. All our cleaning projects are completed with ATP testing monitors to demonstrate to clients the elimination of bacteria on surfaces. As an additional measure we apply quat testing and UV light testing. We sanitise both hard and soft surfaces. 

The general office environment, toilets, desks and surfaces such as high touch computer keyboards and door handles have a high potential for harmful microbes to be transferred onto surfaces and subsequently to the workforce and visitors.

Our advanced cleaning products act to both clean and disinfect leaving an invisible layer which is completely safe to guests and staff, but resistent to harmful microbes for potentially days after a single application, providing a safer environment for clients and staff. 

Speak to Our Experts

If you would like further information about our services you can contact on the details provided below. 

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