Police Cell Cleaning

Prison cells need regular cleaning and decontamination. This is particularly important for the disinfection and eradication of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. We offer an excellent turkey cleaning solution for police and prisons. Get in touch to find out more.

Police Cell Cleaning

The confined nature of prison cells and communal areas such as the toilets and showers make them prone to the spread of Covid-19. Rapid decontamination and disinfection through police cell cleaning is extremely important in preventing a spread of disease and infection occurring. It is also critical that the amount of time these areas are unavailable for is reduced to a minimum to ensure operational efficiency is not affected.

CICS.ltd Specialist police and prison cell cleaning service provides a rapid response to these hazardous incidents, guaranteeing that the cell or communal areas are safely decontaminated and disinfected, ensuring that all harmful bodily fluids are removed and disposed of correctly.

In the UK, Custody Sergeants are responsible for the welfare of the arrested individuals and detainees during their time in custody, which includes providing a hygienic prison or holding cell.

Why Is It Important To Clean Police Cells?

Ensuring the decontamination of police cells is important for a number of reasons. Regular professional cleaning of police cells helps to:

Prevent the spread of Covid-19

Provides sanitation and decontamination

It prevents the spread of disease

It protects custody officers and inmates from infection

Maintains the professional service by police staff

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