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Our Bristol-based warehouse cleaning services include pressure washing, high-level cleaning, floor degreasing, and pest control. We also clean staff areas, degrease machines and clean the air filtering and ventilation systems.

Why is Warehouse Cleaning Important?

Bristol Warehouse Cleaning Service

Bristol warehouses and distribution centers operate 24/7 making their smooth operations a top priority for a business.  There is of course the logistical issue of keeping your warehouse secure, spotless, organised, and hygienic while it’s running.

To guarantee that the job is completed to demanding standards, warehouse cleaning requires the proper supplies, tools, and methods. Our Bristol-based cleaning staff work safely and effectively to sure that your warehouse equipment, storage spaces, cars, and other machinery are in the greatest possible operating condition during busy times.

CICS Ltd. is a top industrial cleaning service company in the UK as well as a top warehouse cleaning service provider. All employees are GBAC Star, ISO 18001, and ISSA qualified. Our cleaning specialists have received thorough training, are aware of Occupational Health and Safety regulations, and maintain three points of contact at all times. Additionally, because of our qualifications, you can be sure that your warehouse will be cleaned and decontaminated with the utmost care. We are aware that maintaining a clean warehouse involves more than just appearance and overall orderliness. Additionally, it helps to protect your pricey equipment and promote staff health. Overall, it decreases product damage and boosts production!wa

QDC Qualifications

GBAC Star Biorisk Accreditation

Pest Control and Cleaning 54

Cleaning Bristol Warehouses

We provide warehouse cleaning services across the UK. Our services include:

  • Degreasing: We use a variety of decreasing methods to remove stubborn dirt and grime from machinery and equipment.
  • High-Level Cleaning: Following the highest safety standards, our team conduct high-level cleaning of lights, beams, steelwork, skylights and columns. We also clean exterior building surfaces and cladding
  • Warehouse Staff Rooms and Interior Facilities: Our team of cleaning technicians clean washrooms and toilets, break rooms, cafeterias & kitchens using GBAC and ISO standard cleaning practices.
  • Racking and Mezzanine Cleaning: with sky crane and lift operative certification our teamwork carefully across mezzanine floor installations, mesh wire installations, racking systems, staircase and shelving installations cleaning and other necessary areas.
  • Exterior Facilities Cleaning: Our team are experts in cleaning external areas of buildings. For instance, we have special practices in the removal of chewing gum from parking lots and front entrances to buildings.
  • Deep Cleaning of Machinery Parts: We use industrial cleaning equipment and special chemicals to remove deep-set grease and grime which impairs and damages machinery parts.
  • Pest control: Insect infestations are common in warehouses because of the large variety of products they carry. We carry out full analysis and control methods to ensure a pest free warehouse.

Pest Control and Food Facilities

There is an increased danger of infestation in facilities that handle food, not only because food attracts insects and rodents, but also because of the possibility of an infestation of stored product insects occurring. Accreditation by the BRC or SALSA, or both, is a requirement for many food firms, and adequate pest management in the warehouse is a prerequisite for both. 

  • Disease transmission
  • Property damage
  • Product and work surface contamination
  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Significant reputational damage and heightened unfavourable public opinion
  • Prosecution and even business closure

Pest Control Checklist

Monitoring and baiting methods have advanced dramatically in the pest management sector over the previous several decades. Despite this, many warehouses have not maintained their pest control techniques up to date. 

  • Has someone been given responsibility for pest management in the warehouse?
  • Has your warehouse and its existing pest control practices been subjected to an audit within the last six months?
  • Do you identify and check in your guests?
  • Are your staff and guests aware of your pest management plan?
  • Are your employees’ dining rooms and lockers (where they keep food) blocked off from the rest of the warehouse by doors?
  • Have you educated your personnel to recognise pest activity in your warehouse and report it?
  • Exists a logbook in which employees may record pest activity?
  • Do you get routine service from a licenced pest control company?

Types of Warehouse Pests

If you don’t have a sufficient preventive rodent management programme in place, a warehouse mouse infestation may be exceptionally tough to eliminate. Here are some helpful hints and information. Warehouses are often erected amid industrial complexes that are surrounded by farms, forested areas, rivers, streams, or railroad tracks. Each of these conditions assures that mice will be present outside buildings for the majority of the year. The magnitude of the favourable circumstances in these regions influences the probability of mouse infestations to a structure.


Pest Risks to Warehouses

There are a number of risks that pests impose on warehouses. These include:

  • Disease transmission
  • Property damage
  • Product and work surface contamination
  • Employee dissatisfaction
  • Significant reputational damage and heightened unfavourable public opinion
  • Prosecution and even business closure

4. ISO Quality Care and Professionalism

Over one million organisations throughout the globe have implemented ISO 9001 and use it to continuously monitor, manage, and improve the quality of their goods and services. OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001) guarantees that your dental practise has the methods in place to identify risks and make health and safety a top priority, which is a difficulty encountered by any organisation. CICS Ltd is also completely compliant with ISO 14001, and our employees are educated to be environmentally conscious in all of their work.

5. Competitive Pricing

There is no replacement for quality, especially when it comes to cleaning locations with a high biohazard risk, such as warehouses. We continuously strive to provide our customers with competitive prices and unmatched quality. Our price structure consists of an initial call-out charge followed by an hourly cost. Please complete the following form for additional information or to obtain a quotation. Our office personnel are personable and eager to discuss any problems or special requests 

Red Bugs, Rats and Rodent, Lice, Fleas, Flies, Bees, Wasps, Moles, Rabbits and Foxes, Birds

One way to keep mice out of your warehouse is using bait stations with rodenticide bait blocks. Wiring bait blocks inside the station will stop rodents from pulling the bait out. Along a fence line, bait stations are often placed every 75 feet.

Why Choose Us?

We are fully compliant with ISSAGBAC, and ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 accreditation. We are also accredited members of the National Academy of Crime Scene cleaning (NACSC), and have several years of experience in cleaning contaminated commercial and public spaces. Our virus disinfection cleaning involves highly specialised techniques including ULV fogging technology and the use of ATP testing devices that are particularly suited to ambulances, police cars, and other emergency vehicles. We also have a highly qualified bio-hazard decontamination team that specialise in the cleanup of bio-hazards on industrial sites.

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