Warehouse Cleaning

CICS offers national coverage for a wide range of warehouse cleaning services including pressure wash cleaning, high-level cleaning, and floor degreasing. We also carry out air filtration and ventilation system cleaning, machine degreasing, and cleaning of staff areas.
Professional warehouse cleaning service with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accreditation
PASMA, IPAF, CSCS and CITB qualifications for safe and effective Warehouse Mezzanine and Rack Cleaning

GBAC Star Accreditation, ATP Testing and ULV Fogging for Warehouse Staff Areas (Washrooms, Cafeterias and Staff Rooms)

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Warehouse Cleaning Services Qualifications - QMS OHSAS ISO 9001
Warehouse Cleaning Service Qualifications - QMS OHSAS ISO 14001
Warehouse Cleaning Service Qualifications - QMS OHSAS ISO 18001
Warehouse Cleaning Service Qualifications - ISSA CIMS GB Certified
Warehouse Cleaning Service Qualifications - PASMA
Warehouse Cleaning Service Qualifications - IRATA

CICS Ltd. – Warehouse Cleaning

Warehouses and distribution centres across the UK work continuously throughout the week. Keeping your warehouse safe, clean, tidy and hygienic while in operation is a tough logistical challenge.

Warehouse cleaning requires the right products, equipment and procedures to ensure the job is done to exacting standards. A clean warehouse ensures that your staff are happy and able to carry out their work efficiently. It also means that during busy periods your warehouse equipment, storage facilities, vehicles and machinery are in the best possible working condition.

CICS Ltd. is one of the UK’s leading providers of industrial cleaning services and top provider of warehouse cleaning services. All staff is ISSA, GBAC Star, and ISO 18001 certified. With full training, our cleaning technicians are aware of the occupational health and safety standards and keep three points of contact at all times. Our certification also ensures that utmost caution is taken when disinfecting and decontaminating your warehouse. We understand that warehouse cleanliness is about more than just aesthetics and general tidiness. It also contributes to improved employee health, protection, and maintenance of your expensive equipment. Overall, it reduces damage to merchandise, and increases productivity!

Warehouse Cleaning Benefits

Warehouse Cleaning Services

The video below describes our full range of warehouse cleaning services

Warehouse Cleaning Services - Distrubution Center

Cleaning Warehouses and Distribution Centres Across the UK

Based in Kent, we provide warehouse cleaning to the greater London and South West areas. We’ll tackle all your cleaning needs for distribution centres, showrooms, commercial property retail outlets, factories, and production facilities with industry-leading professionalism. We provide you with:

Our Warehouse Cleaning Services

As the UK’s leading industrial cleaning company we offer a range of services including maintenance, restoration, and emergency cleaning solutions. Our top priority is ensuring the safety of your warehouse and the well-being of your staff.

Air Filtration and Ventilation Systems

Air filtration units that are covered in dust reduce airflow. Dirty, greased-layered filters also lead to damage of filtration of units which can be costly to replace.  We use special cleaning detergents to allow the removal of grease and sticky particles. We unblock air filters and restore ventilation systems to a more reliable state.

A clean ventilation system in your warehouse with good air filtration can help to keep the products safe and improve health and safety stands within your warehouse. Using HEPA filters for instance offer 99.97% micro-filtration filtering down particles in the air to a size of around 0.3 microns. These filters are ideal for capturing harmful airborne bacteria which are high risk to your products and staff. They can also be treated with granular activated carbon to absorb volatile chemicals on contact. At CICS Ltd. we offer that extra layer of protection with ULV fogging (killing 99.9% of viruses) and ATP testing to make sure that surfaces are not just visibly clean but safe for staff as well.

Machine Degreasing

We use a variety of decreasing methods to remove stubborn dirt and grime from machinery and equipment.

High Level Cleaning

Following the highest safety standards, our team conduct high-level cleaning of lights, beams, steelwork, skylights and columns. We also clean exterior building surfaces and cladding.

Warehouse Staff Rooms and Interior Facilities

Our team of cleaning technicians clean washrooms and toilets, break rooms, cafeterias & kitchens using GBAC and ISO standard cleaning practices.

Racking and Mezzanine Cleaning

with sky crane and lift operative certification our teamwork carefully across mezzanine floor installations, mesh wire installations, racking systems, staircase and shelving installations cleaning and other necessary areas.

Exterior Facilities Cleaning

Our team are experts in cleaning external areas of buildings. For instance, we have special practices in the removal of chewing gum from parking lots and front entrances to buildings.

Deep Cleaning of Machinary Parts

We use industrial cleaning equipment and special chemicals to remove deep-set grease and grime which impairs and damages machinery parts.

7 Benefits of a Clean Warehouse

The benefits in maintaining a clean warehouse cannot be underestimated. Here’s a few our top suggestions for keeping your warehouse clean:
  1. Increased productivity – maintaining a clean working environment makes it easier for your staff to operate equipment, locate the supplies they need and directly increase productivity.
  2. Compliance with Safety regulations – A clean warehouse creates a safe place for employees resulting in fewer injuries and accidents.
  3. Improved Employee Health – Regular cleaning creates a healthier atmosphere for your staff resulting in fewer illness-related issues due to dust, vermin and bacteria. This will boost productivity and reduce the number of sick days your staff are likely to take.
  4. Less damage to your merchandise – A clean warehouse will result in fewer accidents that could potentially result in damaged goods.
  5. More accurate Inventory Levels – a well-organised warehouse makes for more precise inventory levels resulting in greater efficiency and lower operating costs.
  6. Longer Lasting Equipment – keeping your warehouse equipment in great working conditions and in a clean environment helps it to last longer and results in fewer accidents due to metal corrosion etc.
  7. Maintain a professional Reputation – a clean and well-organised warehouse environment will help to make a positive impact on visiting clients and suppliers.


Benefits of Warehouse Cleaning
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Why Choose CICS to Clean Your Warehouse?

Warehouses and distribution centres across the UK are facing stricter working conditions since the outbreak of Covid-19. The CICS team are uniquely qualified to meet the new government guidelines, including health and safety regulations for factories, distribution centres and warehouses. CICS Ltd is the leading warehouse cleaning company in the UK. We are ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, PASMA, CSCS, SSSTS Site Supervisors and PASMA qualified.  CICS is here to ensure your peace of mind in meeting these new criteria. We understand that your business needs to operate 24/7/365 without fail. As such we customise our services to work with your low-traffic times for minimal interference and disruption to your operations.

1. ATP Testing and ULV Fogging


Having the right methodology for cleaning practices in your warehouse can help to speed up processes. A clean warehouse ultimately ensures greater productivity, improving operations and lowering costs of spoilt goods and machinery. In the end, this means greater profits for your warehouse, without the impacts on safety. We use ULV Fogging and warehouses and distribution centres to an ISSA GBAC Star standard. Our cleaning methodology also includes the correct chemicals and training to apply those chemicals. All our cleaning technicians are GBAC microbial trained.

“CICS.ltd have always gone out of their way to help our business. We have set them some incredibly challenging tasks and they have come up with the perfect solution time and time again”

Mark Harrison, BGE LTD

ATP Metre reading

3. What Does ISSA’s GBAC Star Mean For Warehouses?


By working with us your warehouse automatically aligns with the GBAC star accreditation. GBAC STAR™ is the gold standard for managing bio-risks. It is the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation. It communicates to management, staff, the public and assessors that the proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and work practices have been put in place to combat bio-hazardous and infectious agents including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and its variants. 

4. ISO Quality Care and Professionalism

ISO 9001 has been adopted by over 1 million organisations across the world and is used by businesses to continually monitor, manage and improve the quality of their products and services. Every business is faced with the challenge of meeting health and safety obligations and OHSAS 18001 ( ISO 45001) ensures that your warehouse has the appropriate techniques in place to identify risks and make health and safety a priority. CICS Ltd is also fully compliant with ISO 14001 and our staff are trained to be aware of environmental considerations in all the work they carry out.


“CICS worked in a timely and efficient manner. They were friendly, professional and kind during all my dealings with them and the final result was fantastic. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future.”

Suzanne Trisk

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5. Competitive Pricing

There is no substitute for quality, particularly when it comes to cleaning high-risk areas within warehouses and distribution centres. We always aim to offer our clients reasonable pricing with unbeatable quality. Our pricing structure works on a call-out fee with an hourly rate thereafter. For more information or to request a quote please fill out the form below. Our office staff are very approachable and happy to talk through any concerns or special requirements.